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Expansion of Character Education in Broward County

Instill honor, character & integrity in our youth in partnership with Richard Yeargin

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We are Fundraising to expand character education programs in Broward County

Student ACES Mission: To inspire and develop high school student athletes to become men and women of character, honor and integrity through our character education programs.

Student ACES (ACE) is dedicated to inspiring every student to achieve a foundation of honor, character and integrity that will leave a positive and permanent impression on their teams, schools and communities. By believing in their ability to be great, we create an environment that builds off their strengths as students, athletes, and community members. They aspire to be leaders; we provide the building blocks to get them there.

We are excited to partner with Richard Yeargin to continue to develop young student athletes in Broward County. Richard was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale and is passionate to give back by inspiring high school students in the place he calls home. What makes Richard a great addition to the team is not his Clemson National Championship Rings or master degrees, it is his work ethic, outstanding character and resilience. Richard recently founded the RYIII Foundation whose mission is to "provide charitable programs and services, both educational and scientific, to underprivileged children.” RYIII pledges to help youth populations that are distressed, impoverished, or underprivileged in South Florida, while defending human and civil rights.” ACE looks forward to partnering with RYIII in their future initiatives to support Student ACES and the youth in Broward County.

Student ACES does not charge the schools or parents for programming. We rely strictly on corporate, private and individual donors. Please consider making a donation to expand our programs and offerings in Broward County. The ACE program costs approximately $150 per student athlete. Costs include Student ACES curriculum books, customized plans and workshops consistent with the school’s or team’s needs, captain/leader training and pre and post surveys.